!uhc Mindcrack Charity UHC 2 - !shirts on sale!
!uhc Mindcrack Charity UHC 2 - !shirts on sale!

!uhc Mindcrack Charity UHC 2 - !shirts on sale!

MindCrack Ultra Hardcore
Release Date April 9, 2020 (Live)
Game Minecraft 1.15.2, Car on a Stick

!uhc Mindcrack Charity UHC #2 - !shirts on sale! is a livestream.

Video OverviewEdit

Kurt begins the stream, welcoming everybody to another MindCrack Ultra Hardcore game. He joins the loud OMGChad-hosted pre-UHC call, with Sevadus remembering how hilarious Kurt copying Pause's skin was. Kurt is paired with Pakratt as well as recent MindCrack VIP Dahl. They start off playing like a normal UHC, asking for donations from chat, specifically to Dahl who has never gotten a donation because he is recording and not streaming the UHC. They dig underground and start to get resources, with Kurt putting Peepers up on stream. Kurt tries to tell Pakratt about the encroaching world border but Pakratt is unconvinced until they have to flee. Dahl also messes around with a mineshaft and gets poisoned by a Cave Spider, again another Kurt warning. They do get the supplies to enchant an armor up, heading on the surface and finding a jungle near 0,0. The team goes back underground at night, and sees Coestar and Pause efficiently wipe out a team. After one more night underground they emerge in the jungle during the day seeing Coe and Pause wipe a team and almost wipe a second before they are shockingly both killed by Guude. Kurt realizes only Guude is left to kill, and they go after him. Guude kills Dahl as Kurt misses all of his shots, but a Creeper noise is played at Guude giving Pakratt a window to kill Guude giving him and Kurt the victory. He logs off the server and eventually leaves the call, playing with Peepers and then running Car on a Stick.


  • This represented Kurt's at the time record fifth MindCrack charity UHC win.
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