*DriftOn* Drift-o Saturday - !humble
*DriftOn* Drift-o Saturday - !humble

*DriftOn* Drift-o Saturday - !humble

Indie One-Offs, Geoguessr
Release Date April 4, 2020 (Live)
Game DriftOn, Geoguessr, Car on a Stick

*DriftOn* Drift-o Saturday - !humble is a livestream.

Video OverviewEdit

Peepers is again on camera cleaning himself to begin the stream. Kurt starts the stream off by saying hello to all of his viewers, and tries not to talk about coronavirus. Playing the indie drifting game DriftOn, Kurt is shocked by how loud the game is. He then plays through the game which is basically a fancy obstacle course game until he gets a little tired with it. Not knowing what to do, Kurt comes back with Geoguessr where he does a map about City Skylines. Getting another 25000 on it, Kurt does one about purple houses and leaves for a break. The Girlfriend returns for another Star Trek watch party this time looking the opposite of a goth. They watch one Star Trek episode, and Kurt mentions their plans for tomorrow before Car on a Stick wraps up the stream.

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