1,000 Subscriber Minecraft Special: My First World
1,000 Subscriber Minecraft Special My First World

1,000 Subscriber Minecraft Special My First World

Far Lands or Bust
Release Date May 1, 2011
Game Minecraft Beta 1.5_01

1,000 Subscriber Minecraft Special: My First World is the first Subscriber Milestone video.

Video OverviewEdit

Kurt does a parody of the Old Spice intro, and we are brought into World5. Sailing, Kurt says he also has 10,000 channel views and 2,000 upload views. Uber_Xoelic was the 1,000th subscriber, and Kurt sails up on his castle. He uses the underwater entrance to get to his third outpost with an unfinished bridge. Going into the castle, his first build, Kurt sees the watchtower is unscalable. Kurt enters a long tunnel, and shows an outpost he made on the way to his original spawn. There is another small outpost, and sails to his original Nether portal. Showing the pyramid it's built on, and an underground section, Kurt sleeps before going in the Nether and explaining that you never change the direction you are facing in the Nether. Kurt shows ceiling bedrock, and goes through a Nether Portal to a large glass structure high above his castle. Going back in the Nether, Kurt finds a different area where he shows off a mountaintop dwelling. Finding another portal, Kurt emerges in the forest, and gets confused searching for a house he eventually finds. Calling it the farthest outpost that he has, Kurt sees a wolf get lit aflame by netherrack and die on a waypoint base he made. Very flattered that he has reached 1,000 subscribers, Kurt says he has some video ideas for the future.


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