Kerbal Space Program 01 - Always Read the Contract
Kerbal Space Program 01 - Always Read the Contract

Kerbal Space Program 01 - Always Read the Contract

Kerbal Space Program
Release Date July 26, 2014
Game Kerbal Space Program 0.24

Kerbal Space Program 01 - Always Read the Contract is the first episode of the second season of Kerbal Space Program, the first episode of the seventh world, and the one-hundred-thirteenth overall episode

Video OverviewEdit

Kurt triumphantly welcomes everybody back to Kerbal Space Program, in the First Contract update's 64 bit build. Starting a new save in career mode, Kurt calls the save 'German Kerman' and loads in the Kerbal Space Center. Kurt enters Mission Control and sees the available contracts. Kurt accepts two contracts from the Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society: to launch a new vessel and achieve an altitude record of 5000 meters. Starting with a command pod, Kurt sees the budget constraining what he can build. Creating a very basic rocket, Kurt names it the Pencil I and goes to the launch pad with Jebediah Kerman as the pilot. The Pencil I lifts off and Kurt achieves the two objectives and takes a crew report as he turns off the jets at 5,000 meters. The Pencil I safely touches down a short distance from KSC. The science and parts are recovered, even the liquid fuel, at 97.8% value. Kurt takes a Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society contract to fly to 11,000 meters, and one from Rockomax to test one of their solid rocket boosters, and test Periapsis' Sepratron I. Seeing that he gets the parts to test, Kurt takes an O.M.B. contract to test a stack decoupler. Forming his rocket to meet the contract's requirements, Kurt creates the Pencil II and Kurt heads out to a maximum height of 44,000, quadrupling the 11,000 goal. Checking contracts, Kurt finds that there were altitude restrictions on the contracts outside simply using the part. Heading down into the ocean, Kurt realizes he has only fulfilled one contract. Kurt sees that the failed contracts are still on the table to achieve.


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