Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - Episode 792 - Very Big Foot
Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 792 - Very Big Foot

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 792 - Very Big Foot

Far Lands or Bust
Release Date July 26th, 2020
Game Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - #792 - Very Big Foot is the seven-hundred ninety-second episode of Far Lands or Bust, and the thirty-seventh episode of Season 8.

Video OverviewEdit

Pink Sheep and Pacific CoastEdit

Kurt tries to begin the episode but has to re-do it because he doesn't have his notepad up. He heads west with Wolfie, and says the PAWS fundraiser is at $2,998. Immediately, Kurt finds a Pink Sheep, delighting him. He leaves a sign, and as he leaves notices more sheep spawn behind him. Kurt sees a wolf start to come for the Pink Sheep, and quickly turns away before he witnesses its death. Last weekend he and The Girlfriend went to the Pacific coast of Washington and drove a bit on sand.

Question: Have you ever questioned your sexuality?Edit

Making a silly segue to it, Kurt says this is a very personal question. He says he always had crushes on girls as a kid, and it was never something he really questioned. Kurt had something else he wanted to say on the subject, but cannot think of it. Kurt brings up a post from a straight female comedian saying the proof that sexuality isn't a choice because she still likes men.

Question: I stumbled into the conspiracy side of YouTube recently, such as the 411 Missing Channel and it reminded me of your hikes in the wilderness. Have you ever experience high strangeness or seen or heard anything you can't explain? Such as, did aliens or Bigfoot set on fire that tree that you saw? I'm pretty sure it's still a load of bumpkin, but I wonder what you think of Sasquatch and Bigfoot and other secrets?Edit

Kurt doesn't believe in any of that stuff, and does say that Bigfoot is really big the Pacific Northwest. He thinks there is no conspiracy to cover them up, and it is easily explained by seeing unusual animals. Every once in a while a squirrel will throw an acorn at Kurt, that's the worst thing that's happened to him. The one thing Kurt can't explain is why people walk their dogs off-leash.

Question: Have you ever thought about shaving your entire body to be smooth like a swimmer?Edit

He has never thought of it, and also mentions that the stubble would be horrible. Kurt would be lost without his beard, so that is not going anywhere.

Out of QuestionsEdit

Kurt says he's started to brew his own iced tea, but it is not working out well for him. He points out that in Seattle a woman died from brain eating bacteria in the water. He digs in a final Hidey Hole, and ends the episode.

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