Moving some Mud before Wrecking some Fests!
Snowrunner, Wreckfest
Release Date June 18th, 2020 (Live)
Game Snowrunner, Wreckfest, Car on a Stick

Moving some Mud before Wrecking some Fests! is a livestream.

Video OverviewEdit

Kurt immediately starts the stream, wanting to get some Mudrunner work in, touching up his arsenal of trucks and then spending an hour testing them out in the mud of Michigan. He goes on break and returns playing Wreckfest, joining HCJustin, ConeDodger, Jaaski, Chiblee, Coestar, and Pause in their weekly session. Kurt is his typical quiet self during the game, not saying much, but has a ton of fun doing insane driving courses and silly demolition derby stuff with the crew. Kurt finishes typically around fourth place in all the games, and the games come to an end at Midnight Eastern Time. Kurt finishes with Car on a Stick.

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