Transporting Baby Ducklings in SnowRunner co/op w/ Cone
Release Date June 12th, 2020 (Live)
Game Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, Car on a Stick

Transporting Baby Ducklings in SnowRunner co/op w/ !Cone is a livestream.

Video OverviewEdit

Kurt greets his viewers, briefly mentioning it his birthday. Getting in a call with ConeDodger he explains that The Girlfriend saw a mother duck get run over by a car and managed to save the ducklings, panicking the whole time. Testing out how co-op in the game has changed in a recent update, they get their trucks in order in Alaska and both move to the Russia map for the first time which they both note has no snow meaning only one of the three maps in the game does. Kurt's frames start tanking, and he even briefly loses connection, and then manually restarts the stream. He returns and rejoins Cone with his Internet resolving itself, but he calls it with the end of co-op and plays Car on a Stick.


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