WRECKFEST - New Figure-8 Track!
WRECKFEST - New Figure-8 Track!

WRECKFEST - New Figure-8 Track!

Release Date April 17, 2015

WRECKFEST - New Figure-8 Track! is the twelfth WRECKFEST video.

Video OverviewEdit

Kurt heads into a long track for 10 laps, back in the racing wheel. Getting in front at the beginning, Kurt gets damaged and spins frequently, falling deep into the pack. Managing to avoid major accidents, Kurt gets into ninth by the sixth lap, but falls to tenth. Talking about how the damage indicators are similar to Destruction Derby, Kurt manages to sneak into fifth. Going into a figure-8 track, Kurt manages to get ahead into first. When the cross-traffic starts Kurt gets brutally slammed into fifth, but manages to climb back into first. In the first-person camera another traffic slam hits him into sixth. Kurt then gets slammed on the guard rail and has to reset before getting slammed to seventeenth. The end result is fourteenth place. Starting again Kurt is in twenty-third early, and falls to last. The car is completely shattered but shockingly still handles well, before he gets tapped and the car is totaled. Kurt gets twenty-third, and watches the replay of how he was crushed.


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